Vincent Rene Ramirez

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Vincent was born in San Antonio Texas in 1985.  He received his associates degree in Liberal Arts from San Antonio College in 2007.  He then served four years in the United States Navy from 2008 to 2012.  After completing his obligated duty Vincent continued his education at the University of Texas in San Antonio where he completed his Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts.  His work varies in style, he does abstract nonrepresentational work along with photo realism.  Vincent’s work consists of paintings, drawings, and mono prints.

My artwork stresses freedom of expression combining matter with the human spirit.  I do mono prints and paintings using different types of material and mixed media.  I had the opportunity to travel in and around Japan while serving in the United States Navy.  During that time I developed a great appreciation for the Japanese arts.  One of the artists who inspire me is the Japanese artists Kazuo Shiraga.  He assisted in the development of the Gutai movement during the 1950’s.  I am also influenced by artists such as Yves Klein and Wolfgang Laib. I submerge myself into my paintings by using my hands and feet to spread out the paint as part of the process in completing my paintings.  For my monoprints I have used such materials as plexiglas, masonite, lumber, the soles of my shoes, and the cover of a plastic bin.  I only use my body weight in the process of transferring the prints down onto paper.  I want my spirit to be revealed through the mediums and the surfaces I choose to work on.

Not only do I work spontaneously and intuitive.  I also work in a very fine realistic form.  I enjoy capturing the light, color, shape and contrast of figures around me.  I am unable to say that I work in a certain style because I am never sure of what I might be intrigued by  tomorrow.